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Materials and Adhesive Options

All of our design patterns are available in your choice of three premium contact paper materials.

Please Note: Colors vary on different materials; if an exact color match is important to you, please order a free sample.


Laminated Vinyl Contact Paper

  • Our most popular contact paper material for kitchen and home decor.
  • Recommended for any project where you expect occasional moisture or want a cleanable and durable surface.  This surface is impervious to most stains.
  • Adhesive: Laminated Vinyl features a self-adhesive backing that’s easy to reposition and remove.

Matte Shelf Paper

  • Exceptionally high-quality, matte-finish material that is twice the thickness of Con-Tact™ paper
  • Thick shelf paper ideal for drawers or storage areas that get low wear-and-tear.
  • Perfect for adding a splash of color to dresser drawers and wardrobe closets
  • Not recommended for surfaces exposed to moisture
  • Matte shelf paper not offered with adhesive

Fine Weave Fabric Contact Paper

  • High-quality, light-textured fabric contact paper with a dull or non-reflective finish
  • Recommended for vertical surfaces such as the back of a china cupboard, bookcase or wall as well as dresser drawers and linen closets
  • Not recommended for wet areas
  • Adhesive: Our Fine Weave Fabric features an adhesive backing that’s easy to reposition and remove.

Fine weave fabric