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About Us

Chic Shelf Paper Beginnings & Mission

“For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it.”

-Ivan Panin

Why Chic Shelf Paper? After moving into a new home, we were dismayed at the lack of originality in the shelf papers and drawer liners we found. The idea of having to look at our possessions–from silverware and sweaters to towels and toys–sitting on faux wood-grain or sterile white plastic shelf paper left us wanting something better.

The areas we access every day should look as nice as the parts of our homes that are on display.

Our second gripe was the idea of all the measuring, cutting, and trial-and-error fitting process to install shelf liners. What a hassle! Why couldn’t a company pre-cut them for us?

There had to be more choices and a better way, we told ourselves… but we couldn’t find one. So we started Chic Shelf Paper.

Our mission is to help homeowners enhance and enjoy their living environments by creating personalized and high-quality decorative coverings for the storage areas in their homes.  We all access drawers and shelves dozens of times per week — why shouldn’t they look great?

When Chic Shelf Paper customers now open a drawer or reach for something on a shelf, we want them to experience an ah-h-h moment–a sense of comfort, knowing their environment exactly reflects their taste!

And because cutting shelf liners can be time-consuming, we are the first to debut a Cut-to-Size service. Just input your project’s measurements during the order process, and they’ll be sent pre-cut and ready to install. It’s fast and saves money. Brilliant!

You should also know that our products are proudly made in the USA.

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