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Materials and Adhesive Options

contact paper material options displayed in shelving

Contact paper material adhesive options and additional information listed below.

All of our design patterns are available in your choice of three premium contact paper adhesive material options. Laminated Vinyl, Matte, and Fine Weave Fabric. Protect your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and drawers with Chic Shelf Paper’s 400+ contact paper patterns and shelf liners. All of our products are proudly made locally in the USA with international shipping to Canada and UK.

Please Note: Colors vary on different materials; if an exact color match is important to you, please order a free sample from our online store.


Laminated Vinyl Contact Paper

  • Our most popular contact paper material for kitchen and home decor.
  • Recommended for any project where you expect occasional moisture or want a cleanable and durable surface.  This surface is impervious to most stains.
  • Adhesive: Laminated Vinyl features a self-adhesive backing that’s easy to reposition and remove.

Matte Shelf Paper

  • Exceptionally high-quality, matte-finish material that is twice the thickness of Con-Tact™ paper
  • Thick shelf paper ideal for drawers or storage areas that get low wear-and-tear.
  • Perfect for adding a splash of color to dresser drawers and wardrobe closets
  • Not recommended for surfaces exposed to moisture
  • Matte shelf paper not offered with adhesive

Fine Weave Fabric Contact Paper

  • High-quality, light-textured fabric contact paper with a dull or non-reflective finish
  • Recommended for vertical surfaces such as the back of a china cupboard, bookcase, or wall as well as dresser drawers and linen closets
  • Not recommended for wet areas
  • Adhesive: Our Fine Weave Fabric features an adhesive backing that’s easy to reposition and remove.

Fine weave fabric







For more information on our contact paper adhesive material options, please make sure to check out our FAQs to see more commonly asked questions, idea boards on Pinterest, or contact us with any concerns you may have.