Warranty, Returns & Shipping

Warranty, returns & shipping

This Limited Warranty applies only to Chic Shelf Paper products purchased by the original consumer; it is not applicable to resold products.

What is Covered – Chic Shelf Paper warrants that our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from purchase. The warranty period starts on the date of the order receipt.

At our option, Chic Shelf Paper will either (1) exchange the defective product with a product that is new, or (2) refund the original purchase price of the product. In no case shall the liability exceed the purchase price of the product.

What is Not Covered – Adhesive-backed Chic Shelf Paper products must be applied to sound surfaces.  Chic Shelf Paper will not be liable for damages from application to compromised surfaces. Compromised surfaces can include, but are not limited to: improperly installed or poorly maintained shelves, cupboards, cabinets or drawers, application to fragile or antique furniture, surfaces or components that include loose or missing pieces, insect or water damage, uncured or loose paint, or other contaminants. To ensure your surfaces will accept adhesive-backed products, we recommend you first test the surface with standard adhesive tape (such as 3M shipping tape).

Losses that occur from damage while the product is in-transit is the responsibility of the shipper. If you have a shipping claim, please let us know and we will work with you to replace the damaged product.

How to Obtain Warranty Service – If the product does not function as promised during the warranty period, please contact ChicShelfPaper.com with your order number and an explanation of the issue. Send an email to [email protected].

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Return Policy

Chic Shelf Paper prints each order on demand, and as a result, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

To familiarize customers with our patterns, colors, and high-quality materials, Chic Shelf Paper offers free samples so customers can try before they buy.

Chic Shelf Paper products are sold under warranty. In the rare instance you receive a defective product, Chic Shelf Paper will replace or refund your purchase.

Shipping Policy

We produce every item to order, nothing is already “in stock.”
All orders take 2-7 business days to produce before shipping; complex orders may take longer. Sample orders typically ship within 7 days via standard USPS.
Full-Size Rolls
Rolls take 2-7 business days to ship for most orders.
Cut-to-Size Orders
Cut-to-Size orders take 2-7 business days to ship for most orders.
Samples Orders
Typically, sample orders are processed and mailed once per week via standard USPS. Most customers receive samples within 10 business days of placing their orders.